About Me

Azalia Syahputri or Azel interests expands from arts to technology issues. Azel now works at In-Docs.

Azalia Syahputri

Azel (she/they) put a great interest in arts and technology issues. She spent years of multidisciplinary experiences within arts and culture, focusing on art management, film programming, and creative writing.

She involved in several film festival like Festival Film Dokumenter (2020), Minikino Film Week (2019) and Minikino Film Week (2021). She was selected to participate in several arts workshops held by Beijing Normal University, Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta, and MUSEUM MACAN. In 2021, she worked with COLDIAC, a prominent Indonesia pop band as the managing creative director; resulting in creative directing for the exclusive Coldiac: The Garden Session.

She is now advancing documentary’s education and distribution with In-Docs, while finishing her study at Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. In her free time, she contributed for music collective based in New York, ReacttotheK. She splits her residences between Denpasar and Malang.

What I Do

Art Management

Video Production

Creative Writing

Film Festival

Selected Experiences

Education and Distribution Officer, In-Docs | Indonesia
(2022 – Present)
Working on advancing In-Docs’s distribution and education programs such as VITAMIN, School of Seeing, and Screen Docs.

Pre-selection Committee, Minikino Film Week 8 | Bali, Indonesia
(2021 – Present)
Pre-selection Committee of Minikino Film Week 8 is the first layer of the long process of film programming on Minikino Film Week. Along with the other committee, we are responsible to watch thoroughly film entries of the Minikino Film Week 8 that submitted via Shortfilmdepot and Film Freeway. do weekly meetings discussing and ighlighting prominent entries to be considered (or not considered) for official selections.

Subtitler and Transcriptor, Freelance
(2021 -Present)
Able to work on English-to-Indonesia and Indonesia-to-English subtitles and/or transcript, and specialized in SDH and Closed Captions for audiovisual works (film, documentaries, and webinars). You can find my works on Kolektif Film, GagaOOLala, and VITAMIN.

Managing Creative Director, COLDIAC | Malang, Indonesia
Worked on managing creative direction for overall creative exposures of the band, the exclusive garden session (Coldiac: The Garden Session) and the release of COLDIAC’s new single: Beautiful Day.

Program Assistant and Video Editor, Festival Film Dokumenter | Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Worked on managing non-competition programs at Festival Film Dokumenter 2020, including Lanskap, Retrospective (Bert Haanstra), and Perspective. My duties includes routine check-ups on administratives data (from films to official documents needed).

I also worked on several video needed for the content publications. Mainly on Festival Teaser, Closing Statements, and Programs QnA(s). You can check the videos at FFD’s Youtube.

Workshops and Residencies

Chosen Young Artist at Asana Bina Seni 2021, Yogyakarta — 2021

Filmmaker at Looking China (Mixed Media Edition), Guangzhou — 2021

Chosen Practitioner at MUSEUM MACAN Video Montage , Jakarta — 2020

Art Management Fellow at Asana Bina Seni 2019, Yogyakarta — 2019

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